Community Health & EngagementTo support our mission of “No One Goes Hungry in Central & Eastern North Carolina” the Food Bank has a renewed focus on nutrition, education and outreach, in addition to analyzing and improving food systems throughout our service area. The goal is to help members of our community to move permanently out of the state of food insecurity.

The Community Health department will be responsible for:

  • Setting a nutrition policy for the organization;
  • Developing strategies and initiatives that will be piloted through collaboration, helping individuals and families move out of food insecurity to become more self-sufficient;
  • Working with operations staff on sourcing nutrient-dense foods;
  • Working closely with children’s program staff to ensure we are providing children with the best nutrition;
  • Developing curriculum for our nutrition education programs and onsite teaching kitchen;
  • Collaborating with external partners to bring nutrition education and resources to our nonprofit partner agencies and their clients; and
  • Analyzing the existing food systems within the service area to determine how food moves from source to retailer to agency to plate.

The Food Bank will provide continued leadership in developing and executing strategy in support of the community health and engagement programs as well as planning and implementing an effective effort to eliminate hunger in the Food Bank’s 34-county service area. 

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