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Thank you for your interest in the Food Bank!  For your convenience, we have provided easy access information to key staff members and contacts for our most common questions and inquiries.

To reach a staff member not listed, or for questions not addressed, please call our main office at 919-875-0707 or email for assistance.

Executive Management Team

Peter Werbicki President/CEO 919-865-3018 Email Peter
Charlie Hale Vice President of Operations & Programs    919-865-3057 Email Charlie
Earline Middleton Vice President of Partner Services & Advocacy 919-865-3035 Email Earline
Amy Beros Vice President of Development 919-865-3073 Email Amy
Gideon Adams Vice President of Community Health & Engagement 919-865-3037 Email Gideon   
Mickey Holt Vice President of Finance 919-865-3025 Email Mickey
Charles Burton Vice President of Human Resources 919-865-3054 Email Charles   

Monetary Donations & Mailing Questions
Samantha Wright; Director of Development Operations & Analytics 
919-865-3045 | Email Samantha
Also see... Donation Page & Mailing Preferences

Foundation Donations
Anna Spell Miller; Senior Manager of Foundation Partnerships
919-865-3048 | Email Anna 

Corporate Donations
Jenna Temple; Manager of Corporate Partnerships
919-865-3046 | Email Jenna
Also see... Corporate Partnerships

Individual and Estate Donations
Amy Beros; Vice President of Development
919-865-3073 | Email Amy
Also see... Donations of Money

Traditional & Virtual Food Drives
Liz Moss; Food & Fund Drive Officer
919-863-9530 | Email Liz
Also see... Food Drive Page

Organizing Events
Tessa Johnson; Community Partnerships Officer 
919-865-3053 | Email Tessa

Interview & Press Questions
Jessica Slider Whichard; Director of Communications
919-865-3050 | Email Jessica
Also see the Newsroom Dropdown Menu



Volunteer Opportunities
Marco Rodriguez; Director of Volunteer Engagement
919-865-3022 | Email Marco
Also see... Volunteering Home Page

Partner Agency Membership
Larry Morris; Director of Partner Services
919-865-3036 | Email Larry
Also see... Membership Requirements

Program Information
Gideon Adams
919-865-3037 | Email Gideon
Also see Programs Dropdown Menu

Food Industry/Retail Food Donations
Carter Crain;  Director of Food Partnerships
919-865-3019 | Email Carter
Also see... Donations of Food

Food Safety
Pete Sloane;  Director of Food Safety & Warehouse Compliance
919-956-2513 x2101 | Email Pete

How's Our Driving? (& Transportation Questions)
Justin Reasoner; Director of Transportation & Safety
919-865-3020 | Email Justin

Branch Warehouse Main Contacts

Durham Ansel Prichard Operations Supervisor 919-956-2513 x2102 Email Ansel
Greenville Todd Penland Operations Supervisor 252-752-4996 x2301 Email Todd
New Bern Angel Ray Operations Supervisor 252-577-1912 x2501 Email Angel
Sandhills Sam Levinson Operations Supervisor 910-692-5959 x2402 Email Sam
Wilmington Greg Casaletto Operations Supervisor 910-251-1465 x2201 Email Greg